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Who We Are

G. E. Osagie & Co. was licensed in April 1997 and registered with Corporate Affairs Commission, Nigeria in October 2011 by a group of chartered accountants and professional consultants who have been working in the field of auditing and consulting for many years. We practice under the name and style of GEO.

The firm specializes in auditing, taxation, consulting and company secretarial services.

G.E.Osagie & Co is a member of Alliott Group which is a worldwide alliance of independent accounting and law firms.

As a member of Alliot Group, we are able to provide seamless national, regional or international support for our clients in more 70 countries whilst supporting the local needs of businesses here in Nigeria.

For any business considering expansion into new market, an understanding of the local economy and culture is essential. Through the partner-led service that member firms within Alliot Group provide, clients have access to a constant contact point enabling a better understanding of their needs.

Addittionally.Alliott Group members’ advisory rather than transactional approach to doing business, allows the development of a better understanding of the client’s operations and needs which helps to develop a longer standing business relationship.

Each member firm is a separate and independent legal entity. Members undergo a screening process prior to being invited to join the Group, which ensures consistent professional standards and service culture wherever you are looking to do business.

Further information on Alliott Group can be found at www.alliottgroup.net

The Firm has highly skilled three Partners and key professional staff with diverse discipline and expertise. Many of the Partners and professional staff trained with the world ‘big four auditing firms’.

We are proud to be one of the professional auditing firms in Nigeria, and we know that our growth and success are directly linked to our commitment to excellence and professional services we provide to our clients.

We are not too big to serve you, neither are we less equipped to render the best professional services possible. We put in our best in every engagement we perform, and we ensure that our best is good enough by any world class standard; coupled with respect for clients.

Amongst other certifications of the Partners and staff of the firm, the firm is also registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as Reporting Accountants.

Sentiments We Share 

If we seek truth and justice we must look for it in the spirit of man. Man must have inner peace if there is going to be world peace, and we must return to the things that matters.
 In GEO, we believe that this is the way to go for developing and maintaining self-motivated work force that guarantees success.
In the words of a renowned philosopher;
If we can see man into space, I refuse to believe that we cannot solve our problems on earth. We cannot lead without vision, we cannot motivate without inspiration, we cannot tell others to be positive and change the world if we do not have the courage to change ourselves
We believe that this is the direction for a true development, and this is what we set out to achieve.

Our Core Value

We are dedicated to providing quality services using expertise gained through years of offering various audit & assurance and Consulting services to businesses. We maintain an ongoing system of quality review to ensure we offer you the best professional service.

We have built a solid base with flexible policies to create an environment for innovation and development to deepen the meaning of quality to each member of the firm regardless of job description. We see every engagement we handle as an opportunity to prove that we are committed to professional standards and best interest of our client.

Our Approach

‘Every good product starts with good and simplified concept, diligent studies, planning, resilience and commitment. This axiom is the bane of our beginning which we continue to build upon.

In GEO we endeavor to understand our clients and prospective clients in terms of nature of business, business environment, human and material resources, external factors, their peculiarities, and their needs and expectations. Our goal in earnest is to exceed our client’s expectations. This concept blend with modern scientific tools and highly trained and motivated personnel are the basis of our risk base-approach to issues.

We ensure that personnel with requisite knowledge and skills are deployed on every engagement we handle.

Our people are dynamic and action-oriented, committed to providing optimal client solutions and results. They have all been "around the block" and have a track record of achievement. These experienced and talented team members understand business turnaround, such that they can immediately engage the Executive Team by rapidly assessing issues, providing keen insights, determining pragmatic solutions, and developing appropriate implementation plans. We invest in our human capital requirements and sector specific expertise services on continuous basis.Our people are passionate, conscientious individuals whose unquestioned integrity drives them to achieve first rate results and enhance their personal mastery.